We aim to squeal
We love to work with games and interactive media to produce original and surprising entertainments.
Our CEO Colin Jones has a history in the games industry which goes back to the eighties. He “worked on some of the most inventive and original British games of the period” (Retro Gamer Magazine, 2010)
Colin was responsible for a number of hit computer games, one of which – ‘A Rock Star Ate My Hamster’ had the dubious honor of being banned from the multiples. A mere twenty years later, the game was featured in the ‘50 Best Rock & Roll Video Games of All Time’ in America’s legendary Rolling Stone magazine (a feat made even more remarkable by the fact that the game was never released in the US).
Another of Colin’s games ‘Slighty Magic’ was voted one of the Top 100 Games of All Time by Your Sinclair readers. He has written the lyrics and storyline for an electro-music concept CD and worked on some of the world’s first interactive pop videos. He formed Potassium Frog Ltd in 2011 to explore the possibilities of interactive media.
Since then we’ve begun bringing Slightly back into today’s gaming scene. The first step was to reprogram the original to make it available to a new generation.
Following on from that, we were asked by Mel Croucher at Automata Source to recreate the classic 8bit game ‘Deus Ex Machina’. Colin was the original programmer of the C64 and MSX versions of the game, and could not refuse the offer of bringing the 1984 game of the year up to date with new graphics, together with the original visuals. A successful Kickstarter paved the way for a release on desktops and mobiles in 2015.
We also handled distribution of the follow-up Deus Ex Machina 2 for Automata Source and Mel Croucher.
Flushed with the success of the remakes Mel and Colin worked together again on the brand-new Eggbird for Christmas 2015 release, featuring a guest voice appearance by Christopher Lee.
Colin is taking a short rest from the games industry to concentrate on writing and other creative work. Having said that, we're always open to new ideas and suggestions, so feel free to get in touch.
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