Potassium Frog is delighted to announce Deus Ex Machina on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. This is The Final Cut; the very last time that Mel and Colin will be visiting this seminal computer game. Mel Croucher, of course is the author of this groundbreaking entertainment, while Colin Jones programmed the 8bit C64 and MSX versions.
It’s an occasion, so we didn’t stop with faithfully reprogramming and remastering the classic version of this classic game. You’ll find:
Original 8bit graphics
New hi-res graphic option
Director’s commentary
Remastered soundtrack
Production artwork
Back by popular demand, the legendary video game and first ever interactive movie, starring Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who), Ian Dury (the Godfather of Punk), and Frankie Howerd (comic genius). Hailed as a breakthrough in the development of video games, Deus Ex Machina won Game Of The Year, and is currently the subject of movies, books, exhibitions and even university courses. 

This 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition includes the entire original version, a digitally remastered soundtrack, plus a brand new DIRECTOR’S CUT with all-new graphics. 

“Perfection! You’ve got to play it to believe it.” BBC 

“An experienced unparalleled by any other game. Deus Ex Machina is a classic.” PC World 

“The most original concept since the Spectrum was a gleam in Clive Sinclair’s eye. The computer equivalent to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.” Computer & Video Games 

“Staggeringly original, unique and impressive.” The Sunday Times 

“The most unusual program ever released. A bizarre mixture of Aldous Huxley, rock album, psychedelia and the Marx Brothers.” The Listener 

“Deus Ex Machina is an amazingly creative artistic representation of the human condition and existential themes. The graphical and audio updates are welcomed editions. A truly unique experience worth at least a single play through.” GBATemp.net official review of this version.

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