Ahem - excuse me, sorry to interrupt your mindspan and all that, but we seem to have a problem. How can I put this, without alarming you? You see, the very fact that you're experiencing these words at all means that I am somehow lodged deep inside your mind. Now I would stress that you shouldn't worry about this at all. No no no, I'm sure we can sort this out without one of us coming to any harm. Or possibly both of us, which would be optimum, from a plot-device point of view.
Anyhow, from what I can remember I'm a tiny speck of what was once itself a tiny speck of a timeslot. I am the last tiny speck of a once great entity; Microdot, the place where everything was possible, quite literally, all at once. On Fridays.
I seem to remember being brainwashed for unwittingly uncovering a terrible secret. Apparently the very idea of this secret could not co-exist even in the multiverse of Microdot (where everything was possible, all at once) without tearing the whole caboodle (and I use the term advisedly) apart.
Which is what appears to have happened anyway. So much for brainwashing, you might say, and who am I to disagree with you? James Norden, as it happens. Professor of Quantum Furniture Design at the University of Microdot. Pleased to meet you, I'm sure.
So Microdot was torn into a bunch of tiny little molecule-type-fragments, which wandered aimlessly through a million universes for a huge amount of time. Until lunchtime yesterday in fact, when you sneezed while eating a particularly spicy canned cheese roll. During the following sharp intake of breath, my little molecule-type-entity managed to enter your lung, slipped into your bloodstream, hitched a ride to your brain, and Tadaa! Here we are now, the best of buddies, almost.
You will no doubt be keen to have me removed from your mind at the earliest possible opportunity, but here's the thing: we need to rediscover the secret of Microdot; the black whole at its core. And yes, Microdot as an entity no longer exists, which could make things rather tricky, you might think.
But Microdot does still exist as a concept, as does it's terrible little secret. And if the two of us can reimagine Microdot, in my mind in your mind, we can reimagine and uncover the secret. Then, in a fraction of an instant, Microdot will spring-twist back into reality a million lightyears away. I will return to the Quantum Furniture department of Microdot University, and you will have a throbbing headache which will last until 1.55pm on Friday afternoon.
Ready? Thought so.
Microsoft Reimagined is a text adventure that you can play online now for free... 
... you can also download the splendid accompanying music EP from Bandcamp for as little or as much as you choose.
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