What? Who? When? The Frog was founded in September 2011 by Colin Jones, author/programmer of 8-bit games Slightly Magic and Rock Star Ate my Hamster.  The initial aim was to re-release Slightly Magic as an act of preservation. A failed Kickstarter did not blunt Colin's enthusiasm, and the game was eventually released on computers, mobiles, tablets and even the odd games console.
Such was the jubilation surrounding Colin's return to the games fold that industry renegade Mel Croucher suggested a remake of his classic Deus Ex Machina, featured in the seminal '1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die'. Colin had originally programmed the MSX and C64 versions of the classic for Mel and Automata. 
The above two games are available on Steam, although it must be said that they haven't been 'updated' in a while, but then neither has Colin.

A few other projects followed, but a series of lifestyle glitches led to Potassium Frog entering a spell of quiet limbo, which is where we find it today. Or maybe yesterday...
...you see, and please please please keep this to yourself, Potassium Frog Limited as of 30th March 2023 seem to have renewed their appstore developer account. What this means can only be guessed at, but we suspect that we should all be very wary. Vary wary indeed.
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